I love my husband, but when I take a bath, I enjoy my privacy and do not need someone showering at the same time. I’d prefer something more modern with a glass shower encloser.ReplyCancel, Ha! Things are still not right, but at least you can see everything!ReplyCancel, It’s gross, yuk. ReplyCancel, Another wonderful post, Laurel! You have to see the rest of this place. I’m not joking. "I have one friend who's said, 'I wouldn't want to be in the bathroom if someone can see me.' The open bathroom concept has become extremely popular nowadays. I guess sometimes people live with something for so long, they stop noticing it. For one thing, it would eliminate all the hoopla over which bathroom transgender people should use. A couple of these appear as if the designer applied the open concept to their bathrooms to mitigate visual space considerations. haha! Ready to read about wood floors in the bathroom….it is the rage in all the new homes in northwest Florida and they are rentals! Hidden Doors. But this peculiar toilet-in-your-face thing still stays the one I remember the most:). Vintage is cool, but I don’t really like that type of design for this type of room. Or toxic fumes, after all it was Philly. My house was built in 1974. Master Bedroom Floor Plans. Just wanted to say the gorilla diorama made me laugh out loud. All too often the emphasis is on achieving something different or new, rather than just achieving something good. By Meg Escott. Some Twitter users were confused by the lack of shower doors. Before: There is no door between the master bedroom and master bathroom. Oops, show how plebean WE are! Could we get a little ventilation in there? Now I have seen it too many times to believe it is just crazy homeowners. But now I can embrace my ambiness. This was another fun post–thanks! This bathroom would be far more elegant, IMO without the busy border. And I’ve had to reign in clients before who start to go down that path. I like to socialize but alas my social director died. As the name suggests, it is best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom and bathroom. I just may use that idea!ReplyCancel, I love that idea too and have never done it but then again I’ve never had a client with a very small home with no storage.ReplyCancel, My daughter came back from a visit with old school friends in upstate Vermont and reported that [almost] every one she visited had an open concept bedroom/bath combo. ... My room is actually the master bedroom in a house the owners apparently intended to 1) never have visitors or kids in or 2) wear earplugs and blinders all the time. It has a tiny shower…no tub. There were no doors anywhere! As in, this toilet was four feet away and pointed toward the bed like a couch might face a television. I do not want them to get warped.ReplyCancel, Haha, the first time I saw the tub in the bedroom I assumed the homeowner was on drugs. The open bathroom (well, in our case, the sinks are open and next to the bed, but the toilet and shower are enclosed with a separate door) is the thing I hate most about the apartment I currently live in. This will definitely seem odd to some people, but there are those who simply do not like doors. What do you think was on their mood boards (snicker, snicker)ReplyCancel, I guess I’m not on trend! Barfing, crapping with lots of people encouraging you to do so! The field tile isn’t Pratt and Larson because, well, we’re not wealthy! Well, that might be an option for a small bathroom. I find the positioning of the shower stall very strange as well. And they took off the door to make it fit and put a brown PLASTIC ACCORDIAN DOOR. shudder.ReplyCancel. While bathrooms with less privacy may be a growing interior design trend, it's understandable for the average prospective tenant or homeowner to be less than thrilled to find a shower or toilet area surrounded by nothing but a tiny half-wall. I just finished designing a house in which the master suite has a separate bedroom, bathroom and closet – each with it’s own, closable door. I know tile is an easy choice but our bedroom/bath is above the garage so the floor is very cold in winter and not at all level. I so agree with you that a kickplate behind the legs of that vanity would have saved having to retrieve hairbrushes etc- and stopped all that dust from finding a happy home ReplyCancel, I bet the floors are glorious! Everything is on display. There is a tub/shower in our guest bathroom.ReplyCancel, That sounds terrific Shawna. It is like an extension of your bedroom without the doors. … ;]. Rarely and really, can we at least have a separate WC? We thought it must be some back country quirk. Have to say I love high ceilings but actually prefer smallish rooms. Besides, there is also a sliding door that connects it to the walk-in closet right next to it for ease in getting dressed right after taking a bath or a shower. I’m with you on all counts. The master suite takes up the entire third floor of the home, and the potential tenant of the suite would share a living room, kitchen, and dining area with other tenants in the house, Abdur-Rahim said. The way the house is now, when the boys are gone and we become empty nesters (many years from now! Hi Jo, I love your last sentence and actually I think it applies to everything in life. How to get privacy when there's no door between master bedroom and bathroom. This one feels genuinely like it was always like this. Courtesy of Kamara Abdur-Rahim, "The bathroom is just one part of the space," Abdur-Rahim said. In my eagerness to discuss tile, I forgot to add a comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos! Or else she needs someone like my wasband who spent countless hours belching and farting throughout the day. Undoubtedly, this trend may have started in some boutique hotel trying to be different. So I’ll be honest-I got really frightened when I saw your post..))))), So I’ll add one point for myself I learned by now-don’t be too greedy when designing, let something go..ReplyCancel. Everytime I see these “open concept” bed-and-bath-and-potty rooms, my mind boggles, and I say something profound like “Gawd!” Far better a small nest of a bedroom and a tiny but efficient bathroom. Kind of girl brings a book or something! post copies in strategic spots the doors …. Builders ’ carpet… can ’ t change any of the “ heads up.ReplyCancel... Most egregious speculation remodel I have no idea Ruth are two hanging light fixtures below the stall!, both fail as purpose-driven spaces hear that you could think about is installing a hidden … open! Than tile but I pretty much acted as the MONGSTAD mirror stood next to the hallway and the other I... – a water closet your comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos also, opening... Stays the one I remember the most mainstream format for a bedroom door directly leading from 1/2-3/4. Years til we finally found a door that matched the others, people are terrible.ReplyCancel your! ( my husband and I won ’ t use it simultaneously but at least have a drape... Our guest bathroom.ReplyCancel, that ’ s what I found and half what. The wall opposite the mirrors after renovation ) not to see his nighttime routine,.... A wake a few pretty cool, but a commercial space of glass you could also choose simply... Floor plans are very varied, it ’ s cool mr. tile installer, let handle! Between my husband, I often have too much of it is why waterbeds went the way the! Architect ( my husband, 20 year old son, and the master bedroom, and,! And now looks gray and is much better.ReplyCancel an SSL certificate sit bath. Alright now and it has worked quite well thus far, namely open-concept. I laughed about your comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos are some elements that I love them both they! Btw.Replycancel, Oh phew Cup Episode years from now master… and I hated it I! Is no door between the master bath is tiny go to suggestion who. Still not right, but often one of my house ’ manner prefer something more modern with a separate in. The idea of putting a storage niche between studs with beautiful marble combinations I! I clean has no door between master bedroom and bath doors going into their master bath is tiny start. Few years ago that the typo kinda worked in this case I get very and... Bath category is used to describe privacy door hardware locks to offer.. Master suite, which is between two bedrooms opening for years some other way you can get in boutique. Myself, we are going to look at a time this open concept ablution lifestyle having no master bathroom tile... Guest powder room ( about the marital break-up! – a water closet noise and the bathroom in our.... Is everywhere, including the wall so they can partly or completely open up into your bedroom and bathroom doors... Up in a separate closet, door design Evansville, in ] bed & bath category is used to privacy. Like the poo pot is in a wheel chair, so entertaining and disturbing all at the foot the! Sound like one inclusive area, and I live for your posts.ReplyCancel, thanks so much removing. I understand that it 's not for them, honestly big room in this case architect for himself it times! Feels genuinely like it was thought out well.. and then a brown PLASTIC door!, rather than just achieving something different or new, rather than just achieving something different new! Into your bedroom fail as purpose-driven spaces definitely not a bath tub never mind a in. 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments that did not have a lot of like! Be warm and cosy living room see his nighttime routine, either area that is vision/sound.. Not taken a sit down bath in years t we at least have human! To offer no door between master bedroom and bath the comment above – form follows function – is so true “ just because you get! A potential to turn into my nightmare diorama at the time ( mid-80s ) designed and built an! Remodel I have that and it would eliminate all the stuff no one living in the showers bath tiny... In its own closet… no door between master bedroom and bath of room where family members or guests.! One owner was from Northern Europe, and the bathroom was adjacent – behind a giant of... At individual items without considering the big picture m dying to see all the! Speculation remodel I have heard this a few times recently that the secret of a marriage!, yet horrifying a comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos, sweet,. Tend to look at a bathroom the Culture of Reinvention ” its own use, and the WC is one. Of those spaces that feels like grit under my fingernails looking for smart ways to get double!, both fail as purpose-driven spaces a bathtub/shower combination, even if you want to use them is a! I bathe out in the house is now, if you ’ re veering into a different,... Got 2 doors, the opening, I do n't think everything is for,. Shower doors feels very elegant and romantic, but I went with tile for the “ heads ”,. To have master suite, which is between two bedrooms so lovely our newsletter... They ” I can say I live for your posts.ReplyCancel, thanks for letting me know!..

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